Welcome to ATACC Dayton

ATACCDayton (Ahiska Turkish American Convention Center Dayton) was founded by a proud group of Ahiska Turks who are all about helping the local community. While our main focus is on the Ahiska community, we open our doors to people from all walks of life that aim to bring our community together.

We equip all of our members with:

  • Education
  • Tools to succeed

Our Mission


The mission of ATACCDayton is simple: We aim to help the community and individuals, as well as organizations that share our common goal, help promote and preserve our culture. Diverse and rich, we aim to bring our community closer through a wide array of programs.

Lasting friendships are built through various workshops, where we bring together stories of our heritage and ancestry.

Younger generations of Ahiska Turkish have often forgotten or never learned their roots. Our stories and traditions often go missing, and our center is as much about our culture today as it is preserving the culture and traditions of our ancestors.

As a community, we aim to join forces with local Ahiska Turkish Americans that have faced racism and bigotry in America. We believe that we can unite the community and overcome these hardships while being proud Americans.

We will act against the extremism and racism by preparing ourselves with knowledge and a deeper understanding of our roots.

How You Can Help

We are one. You can help by asking your friends and relatives to join along as we help our community meld into one peaceful and loving entity. It starts with a small step, and the convention center is just a small part of the whole.

Take action and begin uniting the community of Dayton.

Together we can traverse the hardships of racism, and teach our friends and neighbors about our traditions and culture.

What are you waiting for? Become a member of the Ahiska Turkish American Convention Center Dayton today.



We are currently having some much needed renovation work being carried out. The work is expected to be completed by February 2017. We are having all conference areas updated and new start of the art wash facilities installed in response to customer feedback. There will be lockers, changing areas, underfloor heating, shower facilities thanks to Shower Showroom. There is also a commercial kitchen area being fitted to allow for hire if you wish to provide hot food at your events.