Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services and classes for the community:
Citizenship Classes Prepare for the citizenship test.
Turkish Classes Learn to speak Turkish!
English Classes Learn English as a second language.
Religion Religious classes and support including Ahiska cemetery and related services
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Who We Are

Creating a Unity Among Diversity

We are the Ahiska Turkish American Community Center of Dayton, Ohio, a non-profit organization founded to help provide for the needs of the Ahiska community of the Greater Dayton region, by equipping our members with the education and tools needed to succeed and become quality citizens of the United States of America. We work to create, promote, and save our Ahiska culture while creating a collaboration between the Ahiska people and American society.Please feel free to look around at the various programs we provide to help accomplish such an important mission.

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News Entries

Representatives of Ahiska Turkish Associations in the US Visit President Gül

Posted April 17, 2014

At the Çankaya Presidential Palace, President Abdullah Gül received a delegation of the representatives of the Ahiska Turkish Associations located in the USA Among the delegation were Chairman Islam Shakhbandarov of the Ahiska Turkish American Community Center; Chairman Aydın Mamedov of the Ahiska Turkish Community Center of Louisville, Kentucky; and Representative Mustafa Tashtanov of the [...]

ATACC donates clothes and dry food to Hannah’s Treasure Chest

Posted April 16, 2014

Ahiska Turkish American Community Center donated around 100 boxes to the Hannah’s Treasure Chest, to enrich the lives of children in need by providing clothing,  furniture and toys. Entire  Ahiska  Community were gathering stuff for several weeks. Besides the clothes and furniture, Ahiska Turks were bringing some dry food for homeless people and have donated [...]

Getting on the immigration bandwagon


Cincinnati’s gritty kid sister to the north is one of several Midwest cities taking the lead on an issue that has seen nothing but gridlock in the nation’s capital: immigration. While Congress argues over a pathway to citizenship, Dayton has extended a warm welcome to newcomers from faraway lands. Welcome Dayton, an initiative passed in 2011, [...]